Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Waiting Room

As much as I know things are going to move fast and quickly all will be different, I still am getting a little anxious knowing that the time is getting closer.  I love being a Mama and cherish hearing my 17 year old call me by that name still, however, those that say mothering is a never ending job are sort of mistaken. I would say that my role as Mama has severely changed over the years.  They really DO grow up quick and just don't need you like they used to, which (hesitantly) is ok. A Mama's job is different over the years and we just wouldn't be Mama's if we were not helping them grow up and move on, now would we?  Growing up means that they just DON'T need you like they used to....ah the irony. 

As the time gets closer to getting our referral I am greatly anticipating all the mothering that I will once again be doing. The nose wiping, the potty-'reminding' or 'training'-not sure yet, the chuckles of laughter, the silly faces, the coloring together, reading together, the daily clothes choices, the hair bows, the hair brushing, the bathing, the bubbles in the bath!, the dancing around the house to loud music!, the meal preparation for a little one, the dr. visits, the new school visits and attending at some point (look out Mrs. Linden or Mrs. Branner!), the learning how to ride her bike, the visits to the beach, the 'pet the dog nicely, like this', the 'why is she crying' questions, the 'is she sleeping yet?', the Winnie the Pooh movies and Sesame Street shows! Oh the joys to come!

This is the Waiting Room. It is a busy room.  It is a time of thinking, planning and anticipating.  Waiting is a verb. It is a busy word. It means to.... to stay in place in expectation of; a : to be ready and available and  b : to remain temporarily neglected or unrealized.  Ok, I like the first two better than the last.  So here I am, here we are...ready and expecting.  :)  We are planning on getting more ready around the home after the first trip.  Then we will know what size she is and will be able to go through her clothes and sort out the right sizes.  Right now we have about every size from 2 to 8.  We don't have a coat yet, but think it will be warm when we get her, at least at this rate that may be true.  We are hoping to travel during the warm months coming up. That is much more pleasant for me as I am a warm weather girl!  I was so not looking forward to EE in the winter months!  So that is one positive note.

One more thing Derek and I were talking about recently is the name of this blog. Kaylee's Hope.  We love the name and even though Kaylee has been adopted by another family we feel we should keep this name.  At this time it is best. That could change in the future, but we are planning on continuing to advocate for ORPHANS ongoing, so this would be an appropriate title as we have a HEART for the FATHERLESS and Kaylee was once one such child.  She is also the one, though she does not know it, that started us down this path towards EE and to hands-on work with the orphan.  There are so many 'Kaylee's' in the world, let's all choose to be a part of helping save Kaylee's life by either adopting or supporting those that do.  The root being--do you value life? Check out these orphans that already have alot raised for their adoptions, Click Here . 

You can do something too! :)  Love you all and can't wait to update you on our progress soon!