Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stepping Forward

This waiting is not easy or for the faint in heart.   
As it is written, "He who waits on the Lord shall renew their strength." Thank you Lord.  
SOOOOO...........its time for a step.
God is renewing our strength. I am thankful and excited to share that Journey Moms is going strong and been a blessing to many over the past year.  Some of you remember Journey Moms started last year, when two thoughtful women came to our adoption fundraiser, shared their contact info and said to keep in touch with them!  I jumped at the chance to talk with them due to my own questions and desire for support in this endeavor and we all started a 'Mom Support Group' for those touched by adoption!  Thanks to Jayne and Diane for opening their houses to us every month, praying for us and sharing their stories and hearts with us! 

Our Journey Moms is taking a next step and joining with Liberty Bible Church's Adoption Ministry- Growing Families to host an ADOPTION SEMINAR!!  We pray this will bless many families, caregivers, grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles, etc. touched by adoption and give them needed resources and ideas for supporting the adopted child. You are welcome to attend! 


'Loss and Attachment'
for the Adopted Child
 by Debi Sibray, MSW, LSW from Journey Moms. 

This will be a general overview of the loss and attachment issues a child may experience from adoption and how to best support and encourage a healthy attachment.  This is specifically designed for all touched by adoption such as parents, grandparents, babysitters, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. in order to learn some very practical ideas for helping the child form healthy, thriving attachments.

Thursday, July 12th, 2012
Liberty Bible Church
Enter Door D - Food Court
824 N Calumet Avenue 
Chesterton, IN 4

Please RSVP by July 6th, 2012 to Alyssa Chirch on facebook or

Space limited to 50 people. 
Desserts, Coffee and Water available! 
Childcare may be available, this is still in the works!  When you RSVP, let us know if you would need it, how many children, their ages and any special needs! Thanks!

As Derek and I began this adoption journey with Kaylee in mind, knowing many adoption stories from families in our own lives and books I had read and along with the family dynamics we have already, there were no doubt some fears and questions that came up!  In this, the Lord readily brought 3 needed women in my life.  2 of whom started the adoption ministry-Journey Moms with me and 1 that I wept with at our adoption rummage sale.  I spoke of Jayne and Diane already and I am so thankful for their support and prayers over the past year and especially during the time of learning that Kaylee had already been adopted by another family when our paperwork arrived in her country. Debi (speaker for seminar above!) also walked into our rummage sale that day for a God-moment when I expressed by concerns with attachment regarding adopting an older child (Kaylee was 5 yrs.). I began crying just sharing how hold she is and how I am just unsure of how it will go ....Debi assured me and said that she had just gone through attachment therapy training and would love to come over and work with her!  I started weeping.  This was a moment when God showed me His ever-present faithfulness. He knew my heart and my fears that very day, He knew His request to take care of orphans, and He knew our hearts to be obedient to the call.    He took care of it.  Even now, we make our plans and God directs our steps.  That day was bigger than Kaylee. That day was a day of obedience and desire to support orphans however and whenever we can!  In that, I am so glad Debi has agreed to share some of her attachment training with anyone willing to learn!  This is especially helpful to those related to or friends with those that are or have adopted!  Please plan on joining us for that special night!  I am looking forward to it and know it will be helpful when someday we have a child in our arms and not just a football!! See below.  :) xoxoxox   Alyssa (& Derek)