Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dance for a cause! Adoption!!

First of all we thank all of you for following our personal journey to adoption during this time. For those that have followed us since we began in 2011 you feel the pains of carrying the child and labor with us---in regards to the WAIT and PAPERWORK!!  It has been a long journey and that's ok. Ok in the sense that God is ultimately in charge and He has allowed this time for a reason. I know it has been really good for our family to blend over the past 2.5 years. Derek and I had recently been married and I have 3 children that were used to just a single mom raising them for 10 years.  Everyone of us have been adjusting to new roles and dynamics in this family. Actually it has readily prepared (as much as can be prepared for) us for adoption as we are used to the molding of family roles and the needs of children, etc. In fact, I have heard children of divorced parents are orphans themselves.  Unfortunately I see that in their lives.  Even though they have 2 parents (well 4 when you count remarriage!) that love them dearly and care for them so much, they still feel the consequences of abandonment.  It has been a journey as I have seen them learn to trust again and open up to their stepdad, respect his leadership and rely on him.  It is a joy to see, but also a heartache as I never wished that upon them. 

We want to do all we can to show orphaned children in this world that there is a Savior that rescues them.  There is a Savior that never left them nor abandoned them. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to children in this world. 

Another way we are going to do this is through a long time dance ministry!  About 11 or 12 years ago the Lord showed me that He is the author of dance.  I have a blog,Click Here which explains it all! Learn technical ballet, learn about God's purpose for dance and have fun praise dancing with all donations going towards supporting orphans!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Adoption and Kaylee

The definition of ADOPTION given by is a verb (used with object) stated as 'to choose or take as one's own'. Looking back in my email I notice the date my husband and I started on this adoption journey together was 3/14/2011, which was exactly a year and a day after we got engaged and the day of my first son's birthday. However, the adoption - or to take as one's own-journey started way before. It started when God knocked on my heart when I saw videos of orphanages in a certain country. It especially started when I heard children were just moved to a 'dying' room when they were too ill. This was devastating news for a young American woman to hear! How could this be?!! How could anyone let this happen?!! As Americans, we are able to call CPS when we think a child is being abused and our state will investigate and rescue children when needed. 

We don't have orphanages per se here in America, but we tend to do our best to protect children.  My heart cried out for those children. My heart broke for children abandoned and hurt, left to die. My heart broke for orphans, those abandoned children with no one left to protect them. 

Are you willing to allow your heart to be broken for a child? Are you willing to let your comforts go so you can do what Jesus would do?! Save a child from death?! What is worth more?

Can God provide the funds?  Clearly, yes He can.  Do you think God is BIG enough?  More importantly, the question is, Do you BELIEVE God is big enough?!  Faith, sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).  Seek to be like, God counted to him as righteousness.

I am basically talking to Jesus followers at this point....God is waiting for you to seek Him in everyway. He is even waiting for you to ask Him about His heart for orphans.  It is clearly stated in scripture, but are you willing to ask God to GIVE YOU His heart for orphans?!! 

Click here, here and and here to gather information and stories about orphans.Click here, here and here for more information and resources.  Pray and go.  Choose to obey and be doing 'true religion' as scripture states.  Also, yes, taking care of widows is a part of that and there are many ways to support them as well.  Many of the orphanages around the world have helped support widows by giving them jobs to take care of orphans. Other organizations, like 31 Bits, are providing jobs so women can rise above poverty.  Support them! Click here to see another organization committed to helping women and families rise and raise their families. 

We started our journey of adoption by seeing a profile and picture of a little girl named 'Kaylee' according to her agency representing her back in 2011. However, by the time our paperwork got to her country she was 'already in process of being adopted'.  So, we moved on. We waited for another match and did not receive a match according to our paperwork.  Then, as many know, our country closed its doors recently to American adoptions. 

As we are praying and seeking the Lord for the next step, we are greatly anticipating making major strides this year and pray by years' end we will have an orphan(s)-no-more in our family.  We are planning on keeping our blog name- Kaylee's Hope ( as well as our Esty Store named Kaylee's Hope and allowing the name 'Kaylee' to represent all the orphans in the world.   The most recent estimate is that there are approximately 145 million orphans in the world (UNICEF 2008).  Will you be a voice for a Kaylee? Will you ransom a Kaylee? Will you help save the life of a Kaylee?  She is waiting for you. Will you take her as 'your own'??