Friday, April 6, 2012

News Next Week?

Thank you to the many people who continue to check in on us through this blog, even though we have had so little news to report.  It means a lot to us to know that others are joining us in our anticipation for this adoption to move forward.

We continue to be in almost daily contact with our adoption agency.  They in turn are in regular communication with their staff on the ground in Eastern Europe.  To this point, we have gotten news in bits and pieces, most of it relatively disappointing.  The ministry of education has talked with our agency about a few children for us, but none that would be available to us according to our home study (age, health, etc are fairly non-negotiable items, both for the government and for us).  Most of the time, the meetings have been completely fruitless.

That said, we have some hope that we may get a referral we could accept next week!  Judy (our agency manager) let us know that another meeting is scheduled for Monday and that there may be a child available for us.  We have learned not to get our hopes up, but we are cautiously optimistic that news could be coming soon.  We ask that you guys pray for this weekend and early next week that we would finally get news that moves us forward.  There is a little girl out there somewhere who is supposed to be a part of our family...let's pray that God gets her here sooner than later!

Have a happy, blessed Easter....He is risen!!