Friday, June 28, 2013

Market SALE and update!!

We have been enjoying our summer while awaiting a travel date for our adoption.  We praise the Lord that we can be advocating for orphan care to our community through the Kaylee's Hope Booth at the Central Plaza Market in downtown Valparaiso.  Derek and I both agree, its not our favorite thing to get up early in the summer and set up our booth downtown and be there all day, but it has been worth it even for the conversations alone.  So far there have been people just hearing about orphan care needed around the world that maybe wouldn't have heard otherwise.  We also had the pleasure of being prayed for by a couple that knows our 'co-booth operators', Lisa and Matt Allyn.  Praise God for that, prayer means everything and we can do nothing without it.  We met a sweet lady that had just moved here from another state to attend VU for the summer and then to see her at church on Sunday was neat. We also have had a few people come up to our booth and ask if it was for 'pets'?  pet adoption?  Well, as needed as that is, no, this is for 'people' adoption.  Imagine that?!! A community or world that knows more or 'hears' more about 'pet adoption' than 'people adoption'?!! Where have we missed the mark?

{How could we as a people care more the dying pets in our world than the dying people?  I know that sounds harsh, but think about it! At the age of 16 in EE children age out of orphanages and have no where to go, unless they are one of the few in a community with a mission available called a 'transition house'.  There is a need right there. Who is willing to be Christ and go help the orphan that needs to learn how to survive for 'thrive' in their own country?  Without this help, unfortunately, the only offers coming along their paths are the predators on the street to take them into prostitution and crime.  Imagine a young person hungry and without shelter, that person would be very willing to go with whomever promises a better life. Even if that promise is a hoax.}

We have also had friends come out and say hi and buy some items! {thank you}  We have met new friends who love and support adoption as well. We had one guy come up and say he supports what we do, he has a son from Ethiopia and would get another, but its now just him and his son.  We didn't hear any more than that, but he left us wondering. Bless him Lord. We had a couple families come up and say hello, this is so and so..and its their daughter or son from another country or state.  So cool. We had one sweet 6 year old girl that was from EE and just adorable! Her mother gave us all kinds of tips about traveling, etc. She had to take 4 trips! Can you believe it?!! We loved how she talked so openly with her daughter right there. Mother to her daughter: How many years have you been here now? Daughter: Uh, 4? Mother: Well we got you in 20....  and its now 2013.  Daughter: Oh yes. Um....said her number. It was so cute!

So a big thank you to all our new friends who now know about our blog! And thank you to all our friends who have bought from us or visited us this month.

We will be done on SATURDAY, JUNE 29th!! 
ITS OUR LAST DAY for the Central Market.
Come on out for our SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy One, Get One Free at $5 jar/bag


5 items for $10!!!

Yes you read that right! 

We have a BUNCH of pizza dough, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mixes, M&M cookie mixes, body scrubs and salts left.

We have LIMITED AMOUNT of pastas, pancake mixes, oatmeal...

We just heard this morning we will not have a travel date before July 8th.  I wish that was more clear, but that is what we heard.  We also have some unofficial referrals, but we never know until we get in the country so we are not getting our heart set on anyone yet.  :)  

We will be having a RUMMAGE SALE yet at Derek's parents home in Hobart, IN in the early part of July. 

Derek and I celebrate our anniversary July 3rd!! Its our GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY! 3 years on the 3rd.  It looks like we will be taking our anniversary trip as a trip to Indy to get more docs appostilled.  Such is life!! We will make a fun day out of it this time!! :)  (these docs are just extras in case....)

Please pray for this to move QUICKLY as school begins for us mid-August and Derek especially has a lot of responsibilities.  God speed, right?! Well, that means all will work out in His timing, but we still pray for swift work this summer and back home before at least the start of school.