Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paper in Flight!

Our dossier is headed out of France as we speak and on its way to our country! Once it hits the ground our translator will be hard at work and get it to the MOE next week (first week of June). Then we wait for a travel date.  Our facilitator and friend says it should take a week or two to obtain a travel date.  The travel date is expected to be near the end of June. We plan on arriving in country earlier than needed to get settled and visit some orphanages.  We are thrilled, excited and nervous about this endeavor, but know it is God's calling!

 We are also nervous about being away from our kids for a month over the summer, but know they are looking forward to spending time with their dad and his family! Our daughter will be packing for college and working while we are away and hopefully we will be back in time to take her to Grace College's Orientation Weekend in mid August.  Our oldest son will be looking for a job and learning to drive this summer. Our youngest son will be going to as many soccer camps as he possibly can to pursue his passion of soccer! They will also go on a trip with their grandparents to a state park and just enjoy some down time.

As you can see on our thermometer to the right of this page we are about $8,500 away from our goal. We have over 300 jarred items to sell yet from our tasting party fundraiser. If you would like the price sheet, message me! I will also put a link of it up on facebook again. All items are $8 or under. We will also be at the Central Park Plaza Market this summer with a booth to sell the rest of the items! A new friend of ours who is also adopting from another country will be selling t-shirts there too! Please come out and see us!
We may do a rummage sale yet before we leave if we have time. Please more than anything keep us in prayer as we set out on this journey of faith!