Friday, October 28, 2011


 A BIG THANK YOU!!! those that donated and prayed for us to reach the Matching Grant total from Hand in Hand Click Here.  

Thank you to Hand in Hand for donating the matching $2500!! 
We now have $5000 more towards our adoption fees! Praise the Lord of Hosts!

He is building His family. 
He is building our family. 
We are His and we rest in knowing that He is directing our path. 

We hope to hear something in the next couple weeks about traveling for our first trip! 
Here is the timeline:
1.  Currently Papers in hand in EE awaiting a meeting with the Adoption Center to present them.
Our adoption coordinator thought it would be this week, so it has to be next week.
2.  Once our papers are presented to the center there is a 10 day, but usually less, waiting time from that date while they decide and make a referral.
3. Once the referral is made we will hear from our adoption coordinator about where and how Kaylee is and we will have the 'OK' to plan our flights to go see her!  
It sounds like we can also travel when we want at that point. 
 Our hope is to travel during the last part of November.  We will see!! :)  

I had a good conversation with our adoption coordinator this evening and can see this all coming together!  

Now Derek and I are thinking about the next fundraiser! :)  
Thank you all again and please keep us, our family and Kaylee in your prayers!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Kaylee, Ps. 139

Sweet Kaylee...

I know you, even if you don't know me yet
I know when you go to bed, and when you wake up
I know what you did yesterday
I know what you are doing right now
And I know what you will do today, tomorrow and forever
Before you say a word, I know what is in your heart
I'm with you always
My hand is on your life
You may not ever completely understand this
But someday you will understand it in part
No matter where you go or what you do
I am with you always
In the orphanage, I am with you
When you feel alone, I am with you
When you wonder if anyone wants you, I want you
One day, when you are home with your Mommy and Daddy
I will still be with you
Good times or bad times
Your Father is with you
Even in your very saddest moments
When you feel helpless and scared
Surely I love you and am with you

I created you
Before you were even born, I knew you
You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made
You have never been hidden from me
I have always been with you
Every day of your life has been written by Me
I know your heart and mind
Your hopes and dreams
Your fears and worries
I am with you always
Leading you into life and love

I love you

Your Heavenly Father,


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Know of any Babies??

 Look what my mother-in-law has made to help support us!!!!!
These bibs are on our Etsy store! 
Click above the bib to get to our store! 
They are all machine washable and reversible! 
$7.50 + shipping!
There are many more online!! 
So cute!! :)
Know of any babies that could use some for Christmas??


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Matching Grant and Other Updates

As of tonight, we have received $575 towards our matching grant!  That means the grant is up to $1150!  We are still hoping to bring in $1925 in donations before the October 27 postmarked deadline.  With God, all things are possible.  We believe others who support adoption will rally alongside us and help us reach our goal by giving.  We believe God will raise up people to pray that this money comes in and can be used to bring Kaylee home.   We believe that lots of our blogging friends out there will share this need and people we don't even know will be moved to help.  We are still about $17,000 away from our overall needs being met, but what is $17,000 to our awesome God?

Another update---we found out today that our paperwork has all arrived in EE and has been translated!  This means that we should be registered and able to travel extremely soon!  We will keep you all updated as we get closer and closer to seeing her!