Monday, February 18, 2013


Timeline as God directs our steps!

  • March 2013
    • Tasting Party preparations
    • Decide on date and location for Tasting Party
    • Master's Dance classes begin  to raise $ for adoptions and the orphan's transition house.
    • Dossier paperwork completed including fingerprints redone, medicals completed, copies of marriage licenses obtained, home study update completed, rental agreement copied, background checks completed and income verifications obtained.
    • Continue to save $ !!!!
  • April 2013
    • Continue Tasting Party preparations
    • Possibly host Tasting Party this month--still deciding when this was written
    • Master's Dance continues
    • Send Dossier by first week of April to Indy for appostille
    • Meet with friends to prepare for travel
    • Research Visa's needed
    • Possibly request donations for May Rummage Sale
    • Continue to save $ !!!!
  • May 2013
    • Host Tasting Party-- if not already
    • Possibly collect donations for May Rummage Sale
    • Possibly host Rummage Sale
    • Wrap up the 12 week session of Master's Dance
    • Dossier translated
    • Receive travel date for summer--hoping for first week of June 2013
    • Continue to save $ !!!!
  • June 2013
    • Samantha graduates from high school!! :)
    • These 2 teachers are dismissed from school for the summer! 
    • Hopefully we will be on a plane to Ukraine!
    • Will skype with family back home!
    • Will meet our children and run around doing paperwork!
  • July -August 2013
    • Have a visit from family?!
    • Will bring our children home!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Ready! Our next move!!

Well, the Lord says to not get discouraged. He gives hope and he tells us to take courage.  It is time.
We have been through much, had ups and downs and learned a lot the past 2 years.  This started with the realization of orphan needs in the world way before, then took off with prayer and a picture of Kaylee and changed into a testing of our faith.  Were we going to keep going? Were we going to give up?  Yes and never!! Those were our answers and still are!  The direction took a little time and prayer to decide and we have decided to move toward Ukraine. We do not rule out other options as well, but we do so knowing that our family will continue to grow over the years through adoption possibly from various places!  We do not do this just for us...just because we want more we do this out of knowing the orphan will change our lives out of our obedience to the Lord to adopt.  Do we also want children, well yes. Of course!

So hopefully Ukraine in June 2013.  We have some fundraisers we are working on, as well as saving as much $ as we can and being disciplined to stay on a budget!  Praise God in advance for His provision.

We will be having a Tasting Party in which people can taste items and they purchase them! For example, salsas, sauces, jams, cookie mixes, bread mixes, etc.  This will take about 2-3 months of prep work. If anyone has canning equipment and would like to donate 2 dozen items please let us know! There are also other ways to help, such as donating a bunch of ingredients that go on sale and we can put them together as well.  Canning jars of all sizes are needed as well!  Just let us know if you want/can help in any way and we would love to talk with you!  We are also looking for a cute location to hold the Tasting Party!  There could also be other items for sale there as well, like cupcakes, cake pops, smoothies, fresh juices, etc.  My specialty are fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, so I am considering having some of these ready made items to taste and purchase the ingredients at the party as well!  This party will be in either April or May.

There are other fundraisers as well such as the Master's Dance Academy, a rummage sale and the Kaylee's Hope Esty Store!

I am also trying my hand at making Vera bags, that would be just like Vera Bradley handbags and some children clothes that are just like Matilda Jane.  This will be fun! I will be putting quotes and pictures on my fb pages soon! :)

We know that God can provide and don't expect everyone to just fund us so to speak. We truly do enjoy preparing for these fundraising events and have experienced just how these events bring our friends and family together.  There are some friends and family that want to support us, but are just not so sure about adoption (the old questions of 'why would you want to do that?!) that arrive at the events and have a wow factor when they realize it really is working. Then we also have friends and family that care and really want to understand our perspective on the adoption mission and are motivated themselves to move toward adoption, praise God!.....and finally we have more friends and family that understand the mandate to Christians to care for the orphan and the needy and have already being our cheerleaders and educators. When they all come together in one place it just makes the mission happen.  We pray many are inspired, changed and that the orphan truly changes the church.

Timeline of events and travel dates coming soon!! :) Please be in prayer for us, its a big step moving forward again.