Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Celebrating Family! :)

In the process of our first adoption and 
as we wait to hopefully hear THIS week about our first travel date I am celebrating FAMILY!! :) 
I will be celebrating FAMILY, well I want to say all month, but I may just be celebrating FAMILY all year...and then maybe all next year and so on......

So as I pull out the boxes of pictures, dust them off, crack them open and start organizing, laughing, loving and remembering old times....I will be putting together albums.  I will be catching up on all those old albums and boxes of photos so that we can start fresh this year!!

I started looking through old pictures last night and sorting them by.....
1. Sam
3. Logan
4. 2-3 kids together
5. friends of the family
6. Me- all my years, which is not that many btw.
7. Derek 
8. Sweet, Loving, Wonderful Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins
9. Praise Dance
10. Old throwback Vintage Photos

So as I am looking through these pics and then talking with my oldest, Samantha last night...I want you to know I am........................

I am CELEBRATING SAM today and this month!

So I came across a photo of Samantha when she was younger reading a book and relaxing on the couch.  I immediately smiled and said, 'LOOK SAM!!' That is SOOO YOU!! Then I turned to my husband and said, 'what is girl reads in Russian?' And he said,  'slkdjfsdjljf'.....hahaha.
Needless to say, he is catching on to the language more than me at this point.  More to say on this later.....
but BACK TO FAMILY.....I was saying Samantha is my reader...had always been my reader since I first taught her what M - O - M spelled.  I still remember that 2 year old sitting there at an old little school desk (easy to come by in this family as some of you know).....and she had those little magnetic letters and 
I put M O M on the board....sounded out each letter and she followed, then said MOM and she said MOM! 
There it was..there it all began. 

Well maybe it began when she was one and I had a shelf full of books and one by one she would go get a book and bring it to me and say, 're re pwe pwe'....over and over.  

So Sweet! Such Sweet Memories!! :)

So in order to CELEBRATE FAMILY TODAY, I am asking you to click here and read my Author Daughters First Novel Writing to Celebrate 'Novel Writing Month' this November! :) Will you join us this month!?  

I love it! I just read it myself and was so caught up in it that I could not stop reading....so wonderful! 
Way to Go SAM!! Would you be a BIG FAN for her this month?  


Oh and btw.....Derek and I are using Rosetta Stone to learn Russian and God has truly paved the way as I have a friend that lives only 2 minutes from me and Russian is her native tongue. 
So, she is coming over Thursday for dinner and language training! YES!! 

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