Friday, November 18, 2011


Family. As we are on this journey together, we are finding there are many aspects to our family and others that are the same and many that are different. Regardless, we are family.  The amazing aspect of family is that it can always change, however, it is secure.  Family gives us a sense of security as we are there to support each other and be each others fan.  Below are some definitions of family:
  • A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not.
  • Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place
It is interesting, isn't it?  I never imagined my family would consist of having the children every other week. This makes time with them much more valuable when they are home, however, they have an amazing opportunity to be challenged in the area of values and life choices. They have a life of eye opening interactions that push them to make decisions for themselves about how they will live the life God has given them. As my two older ones are now 16 and 14 years of age, I am realizing motherhood drastically changes at this point.  No longer do they need the same type of nurturing and instruction that they once needed as young they need to be heard, loved and challenged.  I am encouraged by my husband's words and guidance towards our children.  As a step dad of a little over year and many years of working with teens, God brought us all together at just the right time. Would I have loved my dear husband to come into my life sooner! Oh yes. Wouldn't that have been nice?!  However, God knew and God knows.  He has brought just the right direction into our children's lives over the past couple years. I marvel at God's foreknowledge and provision in this.  Just when I really had no idea how to handle the 'up to the wee hours' bedtimes, the 'push away from mom syndrome' and the 'smart look/talk'...along comes my husband with a gentle word and guiding hand.  From a guy that likes to take the lead, he has been very patient over the past year-- when 'experts' have said, 'let the biological parent do the parenting' and 'talk behind closed doors', etc....yes we have had some moments, but those are the sharpening ones. Looking back, I thank the Lord for those moments.

We are not in this to have it easy just as the blog --Click Here.
We are not here to shelter them from all that life blows at them. We are not here to guard them and protect them from every hardship and trial, we are here to guide them through it. How do we grow and especially grow closer to God? It is usually through a trial we are going through or some reason to 'really pray', right?  Let's get in the trenches with our children. The Lord calls us to help the broken and hurting...if at the expense of some of our own comfort and children's comfort--then yes! That is what we are to do.  King David said, "I will not offer a sacrifice to you God that does not cost me anything". This is what we are called to do as Christians. When we lay down our life, we find our life.  When we do what is right on behalf of the needy, we are doing it unto the Lord and the fruit will abound.  Will our children complain or act 'put out'?  uh, at times, possibly.  But hang in there. Will they learn to give and care and love? quite possibly yes.  They will learn to 'obey God's command' to love others and go into all the world, when you do.  They will learn to follow you when you lay down your life.  They will learn to care when you do.  Go.  Do. Listen to that call.  No matter.  Ruffled feathers at times? possibly yes.  But the thing I know about feathers is that they will lay back down after a little while. :)

As we wait to hear about Kaylee's availability over the next couple weeks, I am even more encouraged and motivated to be a voice for the orphan.  I am also reminded that we are all orphans. Even my children, we are all orphans in need of a loving Father--our Heavenly Father.  We are lost on our own. We were bought at a price. The price of Jesus on the cross.  As we walk by His Spirit today and wait on His leading let us remember that He is Sovereign. Let's trust Him more today than we did yesterday.  Let's fear less.  Let's ask Him what He has called us to do. Logic aside.  He is bigger and more logical than us.  Let's do it.


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